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"If you're using a calling card from any of the big three you're being ripped off!"
-- Money Magazine, September 3, 1995

International Calling Card

Global Connect is proud to introduce — the AccuLinQ International Calling Card. These cards are not prepaid, and their excellent value has been recognized nationwide. Please click here to see a comparison between the AccuLinQ card and competing calling cards.

LinQ Telecommunications

9.9 Flat Rate with Six-Second Billing

Features: The AccuLinq Card is the best stand-alone calling card in the country. This card comes loaded with enhanced features; including the option of having Local Access in 5 Major Cities including: Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, and Houston at 6.9 per minute flat rate on all domestic calls (48 States).  When traveling away from these cities you can access the service via an 800 number for a low rate of 9.9 per minute rate on all domestic calls.

bullet9.9 (National Access) per minute flat rate applies to all domestic calls (48 States)
bullet6.9 (Local Access) per minute flat rate applies to all domestic calls (48 States)
bulletSix Second Billing which means, you only pay for the time you use
bulletMultiple Call Capability enables you to make as many calls as you need by dialing your personal access number just once. No need to hang up and redial
bulletNo Per-Call Surcharges (FCC mandated payphone access fee of 30 could apply)
bulletEasy-to-remember 4 digit PIN # (not printed on card).
bulletGreat International Rates.

QuickLinq Service

Utilizing our exclusive QuickLinq Service, you can call our National Access 800 number (from a predesignated phone #) and bypass having to enter your PIN number.  This feature saves you time and money by allowing you to receive our low rates without dialing your 11 digit PIN.

Instead of using a 1010XXX number to save money simply program our National 800 Access number into one of your speed dial locations on your phone and push it every time you need to make a Long Distance Call. Bonus value: if you live in a state where you normally pay HIGH intrastate rates, just use QuickLinq, and start paying only 9.9 per minute for all your domestic interstate and intrastate communications.

Billing is the same as if you were on the road and you will be able to take advantage of our low 9.9 rate on all your domestic calls 24 hours a day.  Nothing is More Simple!

Need to make additional Calls?  Simply punch the "*" star key twice and get a fresh dial tone to make another call!

Or call one of our Local Access Numbers and punch in your 11 digit PIN and get our 6.9 rate on all your calls from your home or office.  Local Access Numbers are available in:

Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, and Houston with more to come in the future!

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Terms of this service are subject to AccuLinQ policies and its carriers' tariffs.
There is a $1 activation fee per card, a $1 monthly fee, plus an additional $1/month if a mailed bill is desired. Call details are made available to all customers via a secure website. A major credit card is required to secure the account, but you will be directly billed to your credit card once a month. Your credit card account will be blocked for the amount of your monthly credit limit, but there is no prepayment required The FCC has imposed a $0.30 surcharge for any call which originates from a payphone.

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