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"If you're using a calling card from any of the big three you're being ripped off!"
-- Money Magazine, September 3, 1995

Global Connect Also Presents:
The India Worldwide Direct
No Surcharge Calling Card

If you make international calls,
   you'll want this service!

Our Lowest rates for calling,
Many key countries, worldwide

We are pleased to introduce Worldwide Direct No Surcharge Prepaid Calling. Originally designed specifically to offer low rates for calls to India, with no per-call surcharge, this card now carries extremely low rates to many countries, worldwide. Rather than requiring a minimum purchase of $2000 for volume discounts, as some distributors do, we have opted to offer discounts starting at 5% for a purchase of only $500.

Retail rates: India $0.50; Pakistan $0.62; Bangladesh $0.62
No surcharges except for a 49 fee for calls made via pay phones.
Calls billed in 3 minute increments
(6 minute minimum)

Click HERE for detailed rate sheet.

Even if you purchase under $500, you will find this calling card to be an outstanding value. You will enjoy the low rates and quality service offered by Worldwide Communications. If you operate a retail business, and you want to offer your customers the best value on calls to India, please consider reselling this service!

Please use the form below to produce an order and to calculate costs. Simply enter the quantity of cards you would like, and click on the submit button.


At this time we provide this service only via PINs delivered via email. Physical cards will be available for shipment in the July 1999 time frame.

We also offer the Global Direct and USATel services, which carry no surcharges and may be purchased online using a credit card, and they are rechargeable, but, in contrast to the World Wide Direct service, which must be purchased via check or money order, no quantity discounts are available on Global Direct or USATel purchases.

Global Direct available via online credit card payment.

USATel available via online credit card payment.

Worldwide Direct Phone Card
Discount Schedule
Retail Value Purchased Discount
$5-$495 0%
$500-$1995 5%
$2000+ 10%
Add a 3% Federal Tax on the retail value.
Available only as $20 PINs

Cognigen Guarantee
Cognigen Corporation guarantees that all the phone cards are free from defects in material, workmanship and pin numbers under normal use. This guarantee is limited to direct buyer of phone cards and is non-transferable.

The entire liability of Cognigen Corporation , and your exclusive remedy with a sales invoice, shall be (a) return of the price paid for the unopened phone cards (3% restocking fee) within 30 days (PINs are not refundable) (b) Replacement of any phone cards (or PINs) that do not work due to improper printing of the pin numbers or known technical problems such as pin activation mistakes and switch platform problems. Cognigen Corporation carries only name brand phone cards. Cognigen Corporation is a wholesaler for various prepaid phone cards and not a issuer.

The guarantee is void if any phone cards have expired or have reduced time on it or damage has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, or modifications to the cards. Cognigen Corporation has no control over closing down of the long distance carrier or the phone card issuer. Also, Cognigen Corporation has no control over domestic or international rate changes, so no liability is assumed by Cognigen Corporation in such a event.

Consult your representative for more information.