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International Callback

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At United World Telecom International Callback, there are NO Sign Up Cost! There are also NO Monthly Minimum Billing Requirements! There are NO monthly statement fees! There are Never ANY per call surcharges!  There is NO COST to the customer except for the actual cost of the phone calls that are made. United World Telecom rates are the lowest US rates, billed at 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds. United World Telecom offers significant savings for calls made from outside the US. All charges are one flat rate, available 24 hours every day.

A new service that is now being offered by United World Telecom International Callback is the On-Line Trigger Feature. United World Telecom customers can use this feature to trigger a callback to their phone at their home or business or hotel over the Internet, by contacting the computer at United World Telecom and entering their access number.

Low telephone rates strengthen ties of family and friends, promote international trade and communication and improve business, commerce and economies. United World Telecom is used by ambassadors, consulate and embassy employees, trade promotion and other international organization officials, corporate executives, professional firms, export-import companies and others engaged in international business and travel.

United World Telecom customers enjoy: A user friendly system with clear voice instructions in multiple languages, 100% fiber optic lines, 24 hour assistance, confidentiality and digital quality switching, voice and data systems. Your United World Telecom Access Number will access all the world's telecommunications systems at low US rates. United World Telecom's User Friendly Multiple Functions are Free of Charge:

United World Telecom's already low rates are continuing to fall. Please check our great rates for the counties that you will be calling between.

At United World Telecom Callback , you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site.

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