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Kallcents U.S. Domestic 
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KallCent$™, a service of International Telcom (parent company of Kallback®), provides US-based companies and individuals with extraordinary savings and the utmost convenience on all international and domestic long-distance calls. Accessed by an 800 number before dialing your final destination, you can easily tap the savings that have made Kallback an international success story. Flat Rate Pricing guarantees the same low rates 24-hours a day.

24 Hour Customer Service

KallCent$ users are supported by a 24-hour a day Customer Service center, staffed by multi-lingual telecommunications support staff eager to help you take full advantage of our services.


KallCent$ connects both international and domestic long-distance calls. The service can handle any portion of your telephone traffic, from one call a month to every call you place. KallCent$ ensures that you receive the service you desire, when you want to use it.

Easy Billing

Our detailed billing statements allow you to reference the information you require without clutter and confusion.

bulletCredit Card is now the only form of payment accepted by KallCent$.
bulletA monthly call detail is sent by mail.
bulletKallCent$ customers accrue no monthly service charges.
bulletCash deposit accounts and LEC billing are no longer available from KallCent$.

Easy Sign-Up, No Minimums or Contracts

KallCent$ delivers superior service and savings without the hassle of a complicated contract, term agreements or minimum usage requirements. Sign up with KallCent$ online!

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