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Welcome To Planet Earth Communications!

Offered by Global Connect.

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No monthly billing fee!

Our Planet Earth service represents the culmination of several years effort by Planet Earth Communications, using technology originally conceived and developed by Cognigen President Kevin Anderson. This service is being offered especially for clients who are comfortable using the internet to receive billing statements online, who have major credit (or debit) cards, and who would like to pay very low rates for long distance phone service.

Our carrier offers an extensive worldwide fiber-optic network for calls originating in the 48 Continental US States. Information about your phone calls will be updated DAILY on a special password protected website which will be provided to you by PEC (Planet Earth Communications). Immediately on signup, you will be emailed your ID and password to view your calls online. Payment will be via a credit card you provide during the signup process. You will be billed only 6.9* or 7.9** cents per minute for interstate calls! You will be billed our low listed rates for          intrastate and international calls.

This is NOT an IP telephony service, but traditional long distance 1+ service rivaling the quality of AT&T, and, in our opinion, of better quality than service from MCI/Worldcom or Sprint. After you sign up for 1+ service, you will also have the opportunity, if you wish, to obtain toll free (800/888/877) service from PEC, at similar low rates (7.9 interstate, identical intrastate), with the same quality of service and daily online call detail reporting. After you've used Planet Earth long distance service for a week, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Rates effective 1/1/99, subject to change without notice.
All calls billed in full minute increments starting June 1, 1999.
Calls to Mexico billed in full minute increments.
Calls from the continental USA to Hawaii are billed at $0.146/minute.
Calls to Alaska and USVI/PR are $0.183/minute.
*$10 minimum usage per account monthly with $0.069/minute plan.
**No minimum usage per account monthly with $0.079/minute plan.
(Plus any applicable taxes)
Declined credit cards are subject to a $25 fee.

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