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Qwest Authorized Distributor

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DOES YOUR BUSINESS SPEND $25 TO $10,000 ON LONG DISTANCE EACH MONTH?  Your best value is from Qwest. not only gives you great rates, but also an array of outstanding features and services to help your business succeed!

Low, flat rates
(6.9 interstate, 6.9 Canada, 6.9 UK)
Enhanced toll-free services
Low $25 monthly minimum Project Account Codes
Exact Billing (1 second increments) Free Web Site if billing $150+/month
No surcharge calling card Directory Assistance & Operator Assistance
Single, easy-to-read invoice Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Round-the-clock customer service Toll-Free Service Assurance Guarantee

Qwest is setting a new standard for business communication -
network, service, and low rates.

Questions? Please email Global Connect