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 Monday November 01, 1999
 Cognigen Agent: billwill

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· Nokia 918 PCS Phone·
10 Units Prepaid Air Time
· 30-Unit Prepaid Card
· Leather Carrying Case
· Plug-In Battery Charger

Your Price
: $214.95 $149.95

Additional Prepaid Cards
    $25 = 30 units
    $40 = 60 units
    $90 = 150 units

All taxes, tolls and access charges included! Unused Airtime NEVER expires! No reactivation fees!

All credit card orders and deliveries will be processed by "National Prepaid

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Global Connect and Cognigen Networks Inc. are proud to offer you TracFone, America's # 1 Prepaid Cellular Service. With a TRACFONE Cellular Phone there are:

bulletNo Contracts
bulletNo Credit Checks
bulletNo Security Deposits
bulletNo Monthly Bills

With a TRACFONE cellular phone you can make and receive calls. You can make local or long distance calls. With a TRACFONE cellular phone you prepay for cellular service by purchasing TRACFONE Airtime Cards right on this website!

One airtime card must be redeemed every sixty (60) days to maintain your TracFone cellular service.

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