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"If you're using a calling card from any of the big three you're being ripped off!"
-- Money Magazine, September 3, 1995

Prepaid Calling Card
5/26/99: NEW lower rates!

Global Connect is proud to introduce — the USATel Prepaid Calling Card. The excellent value of these cards has been recognized nationwide. Please click here to see a comparison between the USATel card and competing calling cards.


Low flat rates anytime to call anywhere in the world
14.9 cents per minute within the Continental USA
No Fees, minimum usage requirements or surcharges
PIN and dialing instructions sent via email within 5 business days.
Card sent in mail within ten business days.
Fraud Protection — rechargeable prepaid card limits risk.
NO Surcharges!

The USATel Card uses Harris 20/20 switching platforms and a worldwide fiber-optic network to ensure crystal clear lines. It is the preferred choice of people on-the-go: business travellers, students, truck drivers, pager users and companies of all sizes. Please consider trying the service.

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